Protecting your equipment in case of a thunderstorm

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As summer approaches with periods of thunderstorms, lightning can cause power surges and damage your equipment. Adopt the right precautionary reflexes!

1. Before a thunderstorm
Turn off and unplug your electrical devices:

  • FRITZ!box
  • Decoder
  • Landline telephone (don't forget to unplug the cables from the power and telephone sockets)
  • PLC or Wi-Fi Bridge

Also, remember to unplug the Ethernet cable from the DSL port on the back of your FRITZ!box modem.

You can also ask your electrician to install a lightning conductor, which allows you to continue to make the most of our services, even during a thunderstorm.

2. After the thunderstorm
Plug your FRITZ!box and decoder back in and switch them on:

  • Make sure the Power DSL indicator light is solid green
  • Check that the WLAN indicator is green

If it’s not possible to surf the Net, consult the Internet & Landline Troubleshooting section.

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